The unredeemed captive

He soon saw that as long as the Indians remained in their savage state, living in scattered groups and frequently moving from place to place, the results he accomplished would be transient and uncertain, and he says he "looked for some spot somewhat remote from the English, where the Word might be constantly taught, and government constantly exercised, means of good subsistence provided," etc.

His children including Eunice were carried by their captors the entire journey. But the obstacles were such that the work was not begun in earnest till This connection with Ded ham came about indirectly through John Eliot, the famous apostle to the Indians.

Two and a half years later, when Reverend Williams was released and returned to Boston amid much public rejoicing, Eunice remained behind - her Mohawk "master" unwilling to part with her. Rumors of the raid started circulating. When Stephen heard of the death of his brother in law, he thought Eunice would return home.

The French started planning the raid early in The Kahnawake community had long ago accepted Eunice as one of their own. She made two more visits to her Williams family, bringing her children with her and one year staying for an extended period through the winter.

The children and their father would survive the long winter journey. This was the last time he visited her. Eunice was given the symbolic name Waongote, meaning "one who is planted like an Ashe", and was instructed in the Mohawk language and customs, and catechized in the Roman Catholic religion.

They then marched the prisoners to Canada, killing 20 more women and several children along the way as acts of mercy, including the wife and infant son of John Williams, a Puritan minister and a prize hostage.

The Indians killed numerous settlers in their houses, including Eunice's six-week-old sister Jerusha and younger brother John Williams, Jr.

In the letter, Eunice told Stephen that her health was failing and she would not make another trip to visit.

Eunice Kanenstenhawi Williams

In Canada, circumstances caused the raid to be delayed. When Eunice and her husband went to Massachusetts, it was with a guide and interpreter, as they spoke only Mohawk and French.

She made two more visits to her Williams family, bringing her children with her and one year staying for an extended period through the winter.

All the land occupied by our New England settlers was bought from the Indians, but the early pioneers never let sentiment interfere with business — they bought as cheaply as they could, independent of the real worth of their purchases.

He had become a minister in Longmeadow, Mass.


The long ordeal of trying to get Eunice to return began. After about ten years, Williams sent a representative who talked to Eunice. The Indians took people captive, including the surviving members of the Williams family: Was he ultimately responsible for the abduction of Eunice Williams? From this time to the end of his life his labors for the Indians were unflagging.

InMohawk Indians, converted to Catholicism by Jesuit missionaries, allied with the French settlers in Canada, attacked the frontier village of Deerfield, Massachusetts, killing 50 of the very young and old and kidnapping more.

In addition, he described the Kahnawake Indian village where Eunice lived, their society, customs and so forth. Puritanism is a strange mixture of self-righteousness and self-condemnation, and both of these characteristics make it particularly blind to the possibility of other cultures having anything valuable to offer.

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The Unredeemed Captive

It's a thorny issue, and I don't actually have a better answer than the one which Demos chose. InMohawk Indians raided the frontier town of Deerfield, Mass.

When Eunice and her husband went to Massachusetts, it was with a guide and interpreter, as they spoke only Mohawk and French. They took captive more than settlers, including 7-year-old Eunice, her parents, and four of her siblings.

Philippe de Rigaud, Marquis de Vaudreuil.The Unredeemed Captive - A Family Story by John Demos was about Eunice Williams’ captivity and the ordeal her family went through to try and get her to return home.

Eunice was captured together with her family and over other town residents in the Deerfield Massacre of In The Unredeemed Captive, John Demos, Yale historian and winner of the Bancroft Prize for his book Entertaining Satan, tells the story of the minister's captured daughter Eunice, who was seven years old at the time of the Deerfield incident and was adopted by a Mohawk family living at a Jesuit mission-fort near Montreal.

Two and a half years 3/5(9). An Unredeemed Captive Chapter I Of the Settlement of Deerfield — John Eliot and the Indians — The Purchase of the Deerfield Grant from the Savages by Major Pynchon — The First Minister and the First Tavern. Read facts about The Unredeemed Captive by John Demos in this summary and analysis of the book with discussion of Deerfield Massacre ofEunice, the Kanawake Indian Village and Indian captivity.

About The Unredeemed Captive. Nominated for the National Book Award and winner of the Francis Parkman Prize. The setting for this haunting and encyclopedically researched work of history is colonial Massachusetts, where English Puritans first endeavoured to “civilize” a “savage” native populace.

The book The Unredeemed Captive is probably the best history of this event ever written. I descend from many of the Deerfield families, almost .

The unredeemed captive
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