Hsc economics case study questions

They demonstrated a strong understanding of a range of policies the government uses to achieve these objectives, such as fiscal and monetary policies and microeconomic policies. The relationship of the incentives for higher incomes leading to improved economic outcomes was shown in these responses.

2016 HSC Economics Exam Question Predictions

Globalisation is the integration between different countries and economies, and the increased impact of international influences on all aspects of life and economic activity. Analyse the impact of globalisation on Aust's BOP and evaluate govt policies to improve Aust's international competitiveness [ Independant Trial] The case study in turn focuses on students being aware of both the economic development and growth of the chosen country in relation to the global economy.

If you need reliable notes or simply want to check your notes are right, take a look at HSC-Notes. Explain how macroeconomic and microeconomic policies may be used to achieve external balance for the Australian economy [ Catholic Trial] Explain the main causes of inflation, the effects of inflation and govt policy initiatives to reduce inflation Analyse the impact of protectionist policies on the domestic and global economies In better responses, candidates clearly outlined a link between income inequality and economic benefit, such as increase in productivity, economic growth, savings increase and capital formation.

Also, the use of the equation for aggregate demand gets kudos, but remember never to overdo the use of equations — pretty much in any short answer, 1 or 2 is max.

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In better responses, candidates demonstrated an understanding of the different elements of fiscal policy progressive taxation and government expenditure in the form of transfer payments and clearly linked the two sides through the redistributive function.

These candidates made little or no use of data or reference to current government policies or policy objectives, and provided either superficial or no discussion of the effectiveness of these policies. Critically analyse the different methods of exchange rate determination used in countries around the world.

HSC Economics

It is common to see this topic as either a labour market or deregulation question. Over the last year with the election, income distribution has been on the political economic agenda in relation to the budget and tax changes, in fact Labour put it squarely on the agenda as a core part of their policy offering as it was a position of strength for them relative to the Coalition so this also means it was likely on the markers radars when they were writing the paper.

So why am I predicting it? There was only a slightly better understanding of the concept of underemployment. Information provided in the stimulus was used to enhance better responses. With these notes you can spend less time rewriting your textbook and worrying about whether your notes answer the syllabus dot points correctly and spend more time learning and practicing your skills knowing your notes are accurate and concise.HSC Economics Sample Answers This document contains ‘sample answers’, or, in the case of some questions, ‘answer may include’.

These are developed by the examination committee for. HSC Economics: The Global Economy (Case Study: China) The Global Economy Notes.

2012 HSC Notes from the Marking Centre – Economics

Economics TrialHSC CSSA. dotpoint_hsceconomics[1] Documents Similar To HSC Economics Practice Questions. ECONOMICS HSC.

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Economics – Test 2 (MCQ Maharashtra 12th Board)

4U Hsc Questions by Topics to and Summary. Uploaded by. Generic Case Study Economics Extended Response User Description: This is a generic essay for a previous HSC question on the China as a case study, which. Brazil Case Study 20/20 Essay User Description: this essay achieved full marks in the HSC year of it is comprehensive and includes everything needed to achieve a band 6.

Case Study with COLOUR CODED font to seperate key words and facts! well formatted! WORDS: DOCX (N/A) In-depth analysis of the budget: HSC Economics Possible/Past HSC Style Questions: this document contains a range of questions from past HSC examinations, trial examinations, school assessment tasks and other sources to be.

May 07,  · Hey, I have a list of some possible questions for HSC economics. This is by no means all the questions that could be asked, but it is a good starting point that .

Hsc economics case study questions
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