Geography river coursework analysis

River Studies for Geography GCSE and A Level

Site 2 was Moore Copse. Read the text several times. River velocity rate of water movement varies across a stream: To summarise how a river changes throughout the three stages the water cycle is one of the best ways to see it.

River Studies for Geography GCSE and A Level

The gradient gets less steep and the river speed therefore the speed decreases. First, the weight of the empty plastic bag is recorded.

The cross-sectional area at Bucklebury Ford Site 1 is 1. This is best done at low tide and during stable weather conditions to ensure the safety of the surveyors. According to the Bradshaw Model, the velocity of the water is expected to increase moving downstream from the source.

More detail on these fieldwork techniques can be found at the Royal Geographical Society. A wide range of print options allow students to produce professional summaries and analysis of their data for inclusion in coursework folders.

This would help infiltrate the water to prevent flooding. My hypothesis is that the river Cray does not the conventions of a text book river. Try not to guess; use as much evidence as you can. There are 4 stages: It should be up to date.

Trying to look out for this type of load in a river is very hard because they cannot be seen by a naked eye. Passers-by, this is a busy street with high footfall within easy walking distance of shops, trains and trams How will they engage?

Hydraulic action is the breaking down of rocks and dragging them away from the bed and banks by the force of the running water itself. As a river winds its way from its source to its mouth A number of processes of erosion take place like corrosion this is the wearing away of the river channel by water.

As you reach the mid-section the processes change and you get a lot of transportation occurring. Evaluating hypotheses Evaluating hypotheses is one of the most scoring and most common questions on the paper. Each sentence was summarised with a label. This increase shows the increase, which is mainly due to surface run off as well as joining streams between the sites.Focus on River Studies is structured to enable students to carry out virtual fieldwork on a stretch of simulated river and then use the skills learned in their actual fieldwork coursework projects.

It provides and excellent whiteboard learning tool for teaching about River Flow and Bedload Analysis. Jun 28,  · Ok - the final part of your coursework! I will update this post this evening - but am just putting some materials on quickly for you to use next lesson.

Geography River Coursework

Here is the analysis and conclusion sheet for download - just in case you happen to lose the one you have been given! I will. Geography Department at The Windsor Boys' School. Here are a few examples of the controlled assessment, including the mark schemes and what the examiner is looking for.

a powerpoint to help with data analysis for gcse geography coursework Data Analysis Section 1. 2. Deposition in river channel Direction of flow Grass and moss Tree roots, stabilising bank Two pollarded Beech trees with the tree roots, stabilising bank erosion Pollarded Hornbeam Tree on meander bend Un vegetated area woodland River cliff.

River Studies for Geography GCSE and A Level Geography River Studies fieldwork software for GCSE and A Level, incorporates both theoretical and practical. Examples of student geography coursework conducted in Barcelona, Spain.

Geography Biology Geology Business Studies Expand Publish your Coursework. Analysis. Has the Universal Forum of Cultures improved the quality of life in La Mina, Barcelona?.

Geography river coursework analysis
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